Service Technician

Division/Department: Field
Supervisor: General Manager

Purpose: To provide home care services that reflects the philosophy and standards of Crow Creek through the service and maintenance of Crow Creek equipment.


  • High School Graduate (Diploma) or equivalent.
  • Experience in Home Care Services preferred.
  • Valid driver’s license, automobile insurance, good driving record for the past three years.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Training, & Abilities:

  • Successful completion of all scheduled New Employee Orientation Programs.
  • Successful completion of all training requirements.
  • Skills to read, write, and perform both mathematics calculations and the English language effectively.
  • Ability to work independently, be detail oriented, and have excellent organizational skills.
  • Ability to lift or carry 150 lbs.
  • Ability to communicate independently and verbally with personable and effective speaking skills – excellent communications skills.
  • Be fully aware of safety procedures in delivery and setup of equipment.

Primary Functions:

  • Responsible for the general delivery, setup, and maintenance of equipment, supplies, and other materials to the patients and customers of the location.
  • Responsible for the training/education of patients and/or caregivers in the safe and proper use of equipment purchased or rented from Crow Creek. This function is to be carried out under the supervision of, and at the discretion of, the appropriate clinical and/or managerial personnel.
  • Responsible for the accurate completion of all forms and documents, including rental agreements, invoices, forms, and documents required by the policies and procedures of Crow Creek.
  • Has read, understood, and agrees to follow any and all policy and procedure manuals pertaining to the Manager, Service position. Has completed checklists for training and orientation as required.
  • Responsible for the delivery of various equipment and supplies at the direction of, and under the supervision of, the General Manager. It is understood that in no way shall service technicians function in a clinical capacity, and will refer all clinically-related questions or situations to the appropriate licensed staff member for resolutions.
  • Is responsible for continuing education in all areas of his/her job, at the direction of the clinical and managerial staff at the locations.
  • Must be willing and able to support the various staff members in the timely and effective delivery of service to the patients of Crow Creek. Must be available to perform on-call functions, as required by the needs of the location, on a twenty-four hour basis. As such, the Technician must have personal transportation, a telephone, and an off-hours schedule permitting rapid completion of any on-call duties that may arise. On-call schedules will be determined by the Operations Manager.
  • Is responsible, in conjunction with other designated staff, for the cleaning, repair, and maintenance of equipment rented or sold to patients and customers of Crow Creek. Is also responsible, as directed by Area Manager, for the cleaning and maintenance of warehouse or storage areas, retail areas, and delivery (fleet) vehicles at the location. Is responsible for notifying the manager of safety hazards, needed repairs, and other discrepancies encountered in the discharge of the Technician’s duties.
  • Maintains a courteous, professional attitude toward all contacts, including patients, caregivers, customers, and Crow Creek staff. Maintains a good appearance, attired according to the standards of the operating unit. Uniforms must be clean and neat.
  • Assists in the assessment of the home environment of patients receiving equipment and/or services from Crow Creek to ensure patient safety.
  • Is responsible for notifying the appropriate staff members of any discrepancies in this area.

Auxiliary Functions:

  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Send resume to:
Crow Creek Therapeutics
Attn: Human Resources
580 S. High St.,  Ste. 230
Columbus, Ohio 43215