Products & Services

Crow Creek has extensive experience in providing high quality specialty hospital beds and services to meet the needs of patients suffering from pressure sores.

Our comprehensive offerings and capabilities include:

Patient Care Plans & Training
Our trained staff prepares a care plan for patients on our support surfaces.  In addition, we take the time to ensure that patients and caregivers understand their therapies, related equipment and their role in successful outcomes.

Patient Records & Expertise
Crow Creek carefully documents patient-specific information to ensure that each patient receives consistent, quality service.   Also, Crow Creek employees are required to follow the HIPAA Privacy Rule which protects individuals’ medical records and personal health information.

Strict Quality Control & Routine Equipment Maintenance
The Crow Creek Operations department monitors patient evaluation of services, establishes appropriate indicators, tracks compliance, and provides routine maintenance on equipment to ensure a consistently high standard of patient service and care.

24-hour Emergency Service
We are on call and available 24 hours a day, offering a wide variety of patient equipment and service solutions.

Training Videos
1.  ROHO High Profile Wheelchair cushion